Frank Castle
Alias Punisher
Relatives Wife, Son, Daughter
Superpowers None
Alignment Chaotic Good
Status Alive

Frank Castle or the Punisher is a former New York police officer on a quest to kill violent criminals.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Castle joined the NYPD and was assigned Bruce Greenwood as a partner. He had a wife and two kids, a son and a daughter. Greenwood and the other police officers in their area took money through Arthur Jillette from the Owl. The Owl paid them to not investigate with his mob, and Castle was aware of the practice but not taking money. He eventually told investigators all he knew, and told Greenwood that if Greenwood's daughter sees him as repentant. Castle later went on a picnic with his family, but then several shadowy men attacked him. They shot and killed his family, but Castle survived. He resigned from the NYPD and vanished.

Punisher[edit | edit source]

Two years later Castle returned in a dark outfit with several guns and began a killing spree against criminals to get vengeance for his family's murder. He killed two corrupt cops, and was captured and thrown in Ryker's Island. Castle continued to kill terrible criminals, and was put in maximum security lockdown after killing rapist Jim Washington. He met with Ruben who offered him a better place if he tried to not kill criminals, but Castle refused. He then broke out of Ryker's Island to kill the cops that killed his family.

First, Castle shot Nick in the face before going after Greenwood. He then watched as Greenwood talked in a building, and shot his former partner several times in the back. Matthew Murdock went after him as Daredevil, and Castle held him at gunpoint, and fired erratically so Murdock could flee. Now at the home of Jillette who ordered the hit on his family, Castle threw him on the roof and prepared to kill him. Murdock appeared again, and tried to convince Castle to hold faith in the justice system. Castle was then knocked out by Peter Parker, as Spider-Man, who thought him a criminal. He was put back in Ryker's Island, but in a cell with Jillette.

Abilities and Traits[edit | edit source]

Castle is consumed with vengeance, and seeks to kill to avenge his family. He believes that the worst criminals of the world should be murdered. Unlike most heroes, he uses killing very regularly, but only for those he deems criminals.

He is an expert marksman, and is very proficient with guns.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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